DIY Air Conditioner Replacement Filters
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AirCon Filter & Heater Material/Media-Bulk Purchases

AirCon Filters

AirCon Filter & Heater Material/Media-Bulk Purchases


Simply Cut To The Desired Size

Buying a "High Quality Filter” for the return Air Filter in your Air Conditioning System is very important for your home air conditioner filter.

Poor Quality Filters fibres can’t be washed or vacuum cleaned.
The Fibres will seperate and block the evaporator coil,thus damaging your system.

Great for restaurants or commercial environments where you need to keep a spare piece in stock when you need it.

Thermally Bonded - Washable - Meets G2 Standards - Australian Made

Having a clean filter media will:
- Save electricity as the fan motors will not have to work as hard
- Prolong the life of your air conditioner system
- Remove more dirt and dust from the air and ducting
- Leave your home ,restaurant & office with clean air that you can breathe




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